Hot Laps

Incentives for exclusive experience

The GT4 RS will be used for incentives, where anyone who wants it (private individuals, companies wanting to pamper customers, people who want to invite business associates or friends,…) will have an exclusive experience on track that they will never forget. During specially organized days, PB 2828 Racing unpacks circuit “hot laps”, and this for people looking for that unique feeling of driving or racing a Supercar on track. It is a fun way to encourage customers or associates to go that ‘extra mile’. They are rewarded for it in a phenomenal way, but under safe conditions without exception.

PB2828 Racing will also use the GT4 RS for organized road trips in Belgium and abroad. These will involve driving along iconic “scenic roads”, along with small groups of sports cars. Here the emphasis is mainly on driving and not on very luxurious dining or parties. It immediately illustrates what PB 2828 Racing is all about: maximum pleasure of driving!

Extra: event exposure

Display the Porsche GT4RS as an exclusive eye-catcher at your event or exhibition? Contact PB2828 Racing for more info


Spa Francorchamps between 18 and 20 u

Spa Francorchamps between 18 and 20 u

Spa Francorchamps between 9.00 and 17.00u

Spa francorchamps between 9.00 and 17.00u

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