VIP Racing Events

Why choosing for, for instance, boxes in some or other football stand or arrangements during cycling competitions? On a race circuit, a lot can be experienced as well. Here, you moreover get the chance to offer your guests an unexpected and totally different total experience.

This is why PB 2828 Racing organises VIP-events during race weekends. These always take place on a Saturday or a Sunday, depending on the race the team takes part in.

As a partner of PB 2828 Racing, you are pampered during such a weekend and you get the chance to offer your commercial partners and/or employees unforgettable experiences. The entire day has been arranged for you and your guests. It goes from a VIP-parking, a shuttle service, general entrance tickets and tickets for the paddock and the stands, culminating in catering of the highest level. It begins with a solid breakfast and during the day several top quality meals are served, accompanied by exquisite drinks. You moreover see the team at work from close by and experience in a front row seat what racing is all about. Besides this, the experts in the team and the pilot himself provide you with the necessary expert explanation. Of course, your cooperation is highlighted extensively towards the other guests, thus creating the perfect networking opportunity in a very relaxed atmosphere.

PB 2828 Racing
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