The car

The Cayman GT4 RS is a purebred track car, where Porsche’s GT division has spared no effort to get as close as possible to the performance of the legendary 911 GT3,” he explains. “It is the first ‘non-911’ to be RS-labelled. At Porsche, such a label means “ Rennsport.”

The Cayman GT4 RS is equipped with the engine from the famous GT3, delivering 493 HP (for only 1,415 kg) and reaching 9,000 rpm. The engine is centrally located in the small Porsche, which guarantees phenomenal handling. The GT4RS goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, competing with numerous supercars.

“The car will be equipped with the ultra-sporty Weissach pack, with a roll cage, and a lot of additional carbon components to reduce weight,” Philippe Bonneel continued. “A typical characteristic is the iconic intake sound of the atmospheric engine – the so-called ‘induction noise’ – and what was also so typical of PB2828 Racing’s previous car, the BMW M3 CSL.”

“According to many specialists, the GT4 RS makes one of the most beautiful engine sounds in history. And last but not least, for PB 2828 Racing there was little doubt about the colour version of the GT4 RS, which will of course be Racing Yellow, which perfectly matches the colours of PB 2828 Racing.”

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