Road Coaching

Always wanted to know how to get a maximum of joy from – safe – driving with a sportscar? If that is the case, road coaching is probably something for you. In order to find the ideal coach, you don’t have to look far. Thanks to Philippe Bonneel, an experienced race driver on circuits, you will certainly get the best out of the car you bought.

Let’s suppose you have bought yourself a sportscar. If so, this also means you have a responsibility to drive this car in the best possible way, in order to enjoy it maximally. This means you need the best possible training: road coaching.

We all know the examples of idiots who do the most crazy things with supercars on the road. Let’s make one thing clear immediately: this is not what Road Coaching is about, just as, on the other hand, it has nothing to do with a driving-school as well. What it is all about is that you get the necessary tips and tricks when you’re at the wheel of such a ‘monster’. This means we devote attention to the numerous aspects that are important while driving a powerful car and point out the things a driver has to take into account on public roads.

PB2828 Racing offers also possibilities of track coaching, just ask us about the possibilities

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